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Hotel Consulting

We are a team of young professionals, specialized in hotel consultancy, supporting independent hotels to find their distinctive positioning and optimize their revenue potential. For this we act in various areas of marketing and sales and we are flexible in order to adapt to the needs of each client.

Our team is committed to assist in maximizing revenue, anticipating the cycle of change and adapting to the market, improving asset management, searching new markets.
We help to build your brand, so that is differentiated in the market. We offer strategic and operational services, via a tested working method, adapted from small hotels to large-scale hotels and according to to the needs of each project.

The methodology leads to decision-making and with it, rapid changes in the market. We are chosen by our "hands-on" way of working, by integrating the customer in the center of our work and to offer a comprehensive set of hotel consulting services.
Our work involves several areas:

  • Revenue Management
  • Commercial representation
  • Online distribution
  • Hotel marketing management

We help our clients in the preparation of the process for applications to Portugal 2020, from its framework, preparation and file delivery. We know that today there is no room for approval of uncharacterized projects and so we help to create a distinctive and winning angle, a business idea that is materialized in a project with head, trunk and limbs, but above all, innovative, aimed at a niche market and that supplies a unique character, with a strong DNA, hardly copyable and that at the end of the day, produces economic result for the investor.

We support the definition of strategies for tourism projects and develop business plans and feasibility studies. 
The work goes through several phases:

  • Critical points for the development of the project
  • Marketing and Business Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting and Occupation
  • HR Needs Plan
  • Results Previsional Statement
  • Sensitivity & Profitability Analysis
  • Conclusions and Strategic Guidelines

We work with a team of internal experts that will take the responsibility of managing your Hotel.

We strongly believe that we are the right partners that will move forward your hotel, with a methodology based in 3 P’s (people, purpose and performance) we will act in different layers of your hotel, namely:

  • People: creating trained teams, with job training, so that they know where they are and where they are going to, with performance measurement;
  • Purpose: creating a unique Experience for the guest and again measuring it;
  • Performance: our team will put in place the best techniques in order to increase the Revenue of the Unit, helping to prepare the budget, the operational plans, including a marketing and sales plan and help to implement it with the teams in house.

Our expertise comes from:

  • Revenue Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance and Asset Management
  • Operations Management

For each project, we develop a unique marketing strategy that will help to change the positioning point of the Hotel and making it in a new unique selling proposition. For that we help the owners from scratch (either it is a new project or a recovery of an old one), helping to create the new brand, the new experiences to the consumer, core values and all necessary investments. Then we train the people and bring the hotel, month by month, on a new way of working, changing mentalities, experiences and in the end, delivering a new layer of profitability to the owner.

This is a new service that we provide to Hotels. At your side, in your Hotel, we will spend a day listening to the difficulties you encounter.
Is it because your competition outperforms you?
Is it because you have to define a turnaround process and you don't know where to start?
Is it because you have to update your hotel product, but you don't know the best way to go?

After that day's work, we will present you with a 2-page Road Map, where one will point to the dilemma of where we are and the other will point to a path where we are going. In a very summarized way, with key points, with strategic and surgical actions.

The advantage of this service is being able to have an outsider's opinion on your operation, a second opinion or external insight, with a different view and way of facing the problem.

It also has the advantage that, because it is more summarized in time, it can be a way for us to start working together as well, in a short time and with a more attractive value, in an initial phase.

This private consulting for Hoteliers can have several fronts:

  • Operational Issues
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Product innovation and new trends
  • Human Resources Challenges

One theme will be worked on each day, and the working method will be repeated if the Hotelier wants more than one front to be worked on.
This service is available for only one area or the various ones presented.